Plan Your Trip

What Do I Need to do?

What to Bring

Pack your primary and maybe a spare. Give your gun a look over for wear and tear issues to ensure in working condition.

Welcome to the shooting zone! Stop by and see our friends at Gary's Gun Shop to pick up a box or two of your chosen shells.

You can visit one of our nearby sporting goods stores like Cabella's in Mitchell or get your license HERE.

 It is South Dakota so be sure to pack layers! Don’t forget your field pants, orange vest, hats/caps, walking boots, eye protection and gloves.

 A hunt without man’s best friend is just a nature walk…with a shot gun. Don’t forget collar & accessories, food treats & water and meds & supplements.

 Capture your memories with pictures and videos!

Airport Options

SFD. The Sioux Falls Regional Airport is located one hour from the lodge.

FBO. The Mitchell Private Airport is located 25 minutes from the lodge.

Licensing Information

  • Pheasant Season. Youth Only; October 5 – 9 2019. Resident Only; October 12 – 14 2019. Traditional; October 19 2019 – January 5 2020.
  • Pheasant Shooting Hours. Noon CT for the first 7 days of the season; 10am CT, to sunset rest of season
  • Pheasant Limits. Daily limit of 3 and possession limit of 15
  • Quail Season. October 19 2019 – January 5 2020
  • Quail Shooting Hours. Sunrise to sunset
  • Quail Limits. Daily limit of 5 and possession limit of 15